Welcome to Gill Maiden Hairdressing Stoke On Trent

Welcome to the Gill Maiden Hairdressers site!

Gill Maiden Hairdressers Stoke On Trent are located throughout Staffordshire, with Salons in Blythe Bridge, Longton, Newcastle and Stone. 

We’re committed to helping you find your personal style. Ask our artists to help re-define or update your look, or for direction on a totally new you!. Take a look around the Gill Maiden Styles.

Gill Maiden staff are educated in the science of hair care and makeup as well as the style.

When you want to change your look, our staff have the expertise to assess your natural style, make recommendations, and achieve that look with precision and careful attention to detail, from cut to color to styling and beyond.

When you want to maintain your current look, our staff research your style and help you keep it fresh, every day. When you want to correct a look that wasn’t right for you, Gill Maiden stylists use an arsenal of tools available to them – experience, education, and specialists – to re-tool your look.. Take a look at some of the Gill Maiden styles

We have launched our own online Hair Style Magazine ‘Hot Hair’ keep up to date with whats hot, whats not, top hair staying tips, and featured cuts & products, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on the latest trends, from Gill Maiden Hairdressers Stoke On Trent.

We firmly believe, based on our education and experience, that we offer the best retail products available in the industry.

We use only Fudge Hair Colour, and offer a large array of styling and hair-care products by Fudge and Joico – and we can order anything you need if it’s not on site. We also carry the complete line of K Co and Relian makeup for makeup application, makeovers, special occasions, and holidays.View the Gill Maiden recommended hair care products and beauty products here.

Contact your local Gill Maiden Hairdressers Stoke On Trent  Blythe BridgeLongtonNewcastle and Stone.