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Welcome to Gill Maiden Full Service Hairdressers, with a number of hair salon staffordshire including Blythe BridgeLongton,

Newcastle and Stone. 

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Gill Maiden hair salon staffordshire staff are educated in the science of hair care and makeup as well as the style.

When you want to change your look, our staff have the expertise to assess your natural style, make recommendations, and achieve that look with precision and careful attention to detail, from cut to color to styling and beyond.

When you want to maintain your current look, Gill Maiden hair salon staffordshire staff research your style and help you keep it fresh, every day. When you want to correct a look that wasn’t right for you, Gill Maiden stylists use an arsenal of tools available to them – experience, education, and specialists – to re-tool your look.. Take a look at some of the Gill Maiden styles

Gill Maiden hair salon Staffordshire offers a wide range of services including…

Colour Correction, Hair Highlights, Hair Colouring, Hair Ombre, Perms, Steam Pod Finishes, GHD Straightening, GHD Curling, Roller Setting, Pin Curl, Round Brush Blowdrying, Hair Up, Bridal Hair, Prom Hair, Crazy Colours, Sunglitz Lightening System, Fudge Colours, Permanent Colours, Semi-Permanent, Colours, Deep Penetrating Treatments, Head Massage, Hair Foils, Ombre Colour Technique, Dip Dyes, Fusion Colour.

Long Hair Styling, Short Hair Styling, Bob Cuts, Inverted Bobs, Club Cuts, Texturised Layers, Dry Hair Cuts, Wet Hair Cuts, Crop Cuts, Bodywave Style, Spiral Perm, Graduated Layers, Razor Cutting, Shell Cuts, Clipper Cuts,Geometric Cutting, Gents Cuttings, Mens Hair Styling and Children’s Cutting.

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