Hairdressers Longton Stoke On Trent – Meet Gill Maiden

Launching her career in 1960, Gill Maiden joined the John English Group at the age of 15, and from there her career went from strength to strength. During her time at John English, not only did Gill achieve massive career success, she also played a key role in the growth and expansion of the company.

Gill was a massive driving force to this success, from the day Gill started as an apprentice her enthusiasm, industry knowledge and business acumen was instrumental in a lot of new innovations, company changes and policies implemented in the salons. Gill Maiden Hairdressers Longton Stoke On Trent.

‘Gill has excellent taste and lots of style and flair which not only her clients but staff notice. Overall Gill has many attributes which single her out in the hairdressing industry, her flamboyant character, her disposition and her dedication make her one of the most prominent and outstanding personalities in this profession’ – John English (John English Salon Group Owner)

Hairdressing is a fast paced industry with massive changes daily, Gill is passionate about everything she does, and has kept at the forefront of her industry for over 54 years. Gill’s ambition for herself and her company is infectious to all staff. She inspires her stylists and openly encourages them for new innovations. Gill is passionate about learning new techniques, even after all her experience in industry leading by example to others.

Gill has organised & hosted national hairdressing shows and seminars throughout the UK, meeting new suppliers for the best products available in the market. Her sole focus is improve the standards of the industry, to improve its reputation and the keep British hairdressers as forerunners world wide. Gill Maiden Hairdressers Longton Stoke On Trent.

Gill Maiden went on to create what is now the Gill Maiden Salon group Staffordshire – hairdressers longton stoke on trent.